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PHILIPS TV Repair Service

Our company is factory authorized in repairing PHILIPS TVs.

Our company specializes in repair of PHILIPS television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view PHILIPS televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for PHILIPS televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of PHILIPS televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

Official Web Site:
PHILIPS TV Repair Service

001152980001 0CV725C121 114697 1152970004 00P1320RC101
0CV727C1 1146970 115297W 09PS10 0CV727C101
1146970001 115298 09PS10C 0CV727C102 1146970002
1152980001 0AH8097701 0CV727C107 1146970003 1152980002
0AH8291701 0CV727C121 1146970004 1215DCD1 0CV270C1
107B10 74 115296 1252970001 0CV720C1 107S11
1152960001 1252970002 0CV720C121 11469001 115297
1252970003 0CV725C101 114696 1152970001 1252970004
0CV725C107 1146960001 1152970002 125297C 0CV725C1091
114696001 1152970003 12TX3512 12TX351201 13MT1431/17
13P220 13PR12C1 12TX351217 13MT1431/17B 13P220C121
13PR12C121 1333TG 13MT1432/17 13P220C122 13PR12C221
1342C403 13MT1433/17 13P220C123 13PR12W 13A304
13MT143S 13P60500AA 13PR12W121 13A305 13MT143S99
13PF7835/17 13PR12W199 13A401 13MT14S3 13PR10G
13PR15C1 13E8007584 13MT1532/17 13PR10G121 13PR15C121
13GP243 13MT1532/17B 13PR10G199 13PR15C122 13LT010L/35
13MT1533 13PR11M121 13PR18C1 13MDTD20 13MT1533/17
13PR11M199 13PR19C121 13MDTD2017 13MT1533/17B 13PR12
13PR20C121 13PR96X 13PSC60123 13S250C1 14LL190121
13PR96X1 13PT30 13S250C101 14LL191121 13PR97
13PT30L 13S408 14LQ161199 13PR97X121 13PT30L121
14LJ16 14LW102221 13PR97X122 13PT30L601 14LJ160121
14LW17 13PRC1 13PT30L699 14LK100021 14LW192221
13PRC10122 13R200 14LL100121 14LW193221 13PRC10123
13R200C101 14LL100131 14LX100121 13PRC10125 13R210
14LL16 14LX17 13PRC12 13S221 14LL160121
14LX190321 13PRC20121 13S221C101 14LL16 (LA) 14MS2331/17
13PSC60121 13S250 14LL17 14MS2331/17B 14PT3132/85R
15C3220 15MF150V/37 15MF605T 14PT6441/37 15C3220W
15MF170V 15MF605T (17) 14PT6441/37B 15C32A0W 15MF20037
15PF5120 14RF50S141 15FT3210/35 15MF200V/37 15PF5120 (28)
14RF50S171 15FT3230/35 15mf205 15PF7835 14RF50S3
15FT9955/35 15MF227B 15PF7835/17 14RF50S399 15FT9975/35
15MF227B/27 15PF8946 14TL1400 15L5082Q11 15MF237S/27
15PF894637 14TR1425 15LCD35 15MF400T 15PF8946 (37B)
1530DCD1 15LCD35 (17) 15MF400T37 15PF9925 1530DCD1(MONITOR)
15LCD35 (99) 15MF500T 15PF992517S 1530DCGY01 15MF050V
15MF500T (37) 15PF9925 (99) 15PF9936 17B2302Q 17PF8946A/37
19B102 15PF9936/37 17C2322E22 17PF8964A 19C123
15PF9945 17FW9955/35 17PF9936 19C601 15PF9945/37
17FW9975/35 17PF9936/37 19C602 15PV1022 17HM8801
17PF9945 19C719 15TR1525 17MD250V 17PF9945/37
19D503 1730 17MF200V1 17PF9946 19D503-00BB
1731 17MF200V/17 17PF9946/37 19E108 1755
17MW9010/37 18MC205T 19E615 1762DTBE01 17PF8946
1952TG 19E8 1766DC 17PF894637 19A580
19G0200AA 17A580BQ 17PF8946 (37B) 19A580BQ 19J8007590
19LT010L 19P200C121 19PR11C121 19PR14C221 19LT010L/35
19P601000AA 19PR11C122 19PR14C222 19LT220L/17 19P60100AA
19PR11C125 19PR14C225 19MD357B 19P626 19PR11C199
19PR14C227 19MD357B/37 19PFL3403D/27 19PR11C322 19PR15
19MDTR20 19PFL5402D/27 19PR11C399 19PR15C1 19MDTR2017
19PFL5422D/27 19PR13 19PR15C121 19MDTR2017/VCR 19PFL5622D/37
19PR14 19PR15C122 19MF337B 19PR09C101 19PR14C121
19PR15C125 19MF337B/27 19PR09C199 19PR14C122 19PR15C127
19MF338B/27 19PR10223 19PR14C123 19PR16C121 19N503
19PR11C 19PR14C22 19PR16C122 19PR16C125 19PR21C125
19PRC10225 19PS30C125 19PR16C199 19PR21C222 19PRC1099
19PS30C199 19PR17 19PR5C127 19PRC121 19PS35S
19PR17C 19PRC1012 19PRC12121 19PS35S321 19PR17C125
19PRC10121 19PRC122 19PS35S322 19PR17C199 19PRC10124
19PRC13124 19PS35S399 19PR19C 19PRC10125 19PRC221
19PS40C121 19PR19C121 19PRC10126 19PRC227 19PS40C122
19PR19C122 19PRC10199 19PRC23121 19PS40C125 19PR19C125
19PRC10222 19PRC23124 19PS40C199 19PR21C121 19PRC10223
19PS30C121 19PS45S 19PR21C122 19PRC10224 19PS30C122
19PS45S121 19PS45S122 19PS52C122 19PS56C121 19ST110P/35
19PS45S199 19PS52C2 19PS56C122 19ST220L/17 19PS45S301
19PS52C221 19PS56C125 19ST240P/35 19PS45S321 19PS52C222
19PS57 19SV07B 19PS45S322 19PS53 19PS57C121
19SV07B1 19PS45S399 19PS53C121 19PS57C125 19SV07B101
19PS50S121 19PS54 19PSC40121 19TRC10121 19PS50S122
19PS54C121 19PSC5 19TRC10199 19PS50S125 19PS54C122
19PSC50121 19X60800AA 19PS50S199 19PS54C125 19PSC50124
19X61900A 19PS52 19PS54C127 19PT10C125 19X62200AA
19PS52C121 19PS55C1C 19S10100AA 19X62U 19XS62C
20C605 20DV6942 20J130 19XS63 20C901
20DV694237 20J160 19XS63 (CAN) 20CJ160 20DV6942/TV
20J160SB 1CM1352941 20CM64 20F1 20J160SB02
1P3653 20CM640741 20FT001035 20J160SB03 1P3803
20CM64BE01 20FT3010/37 20J170 1P3963 20D50200BB
20FT3210/35 20K130 1ST621R 20DV6 20FT3230/35
20K130RB02 201P10 20DV693237R 20FT3310/37 20K151SB03
205242C 20DV693R 20FT995535 20K161SB02 20B102
20DV693R01 20FT997535 20K171SB02 20C603 20DV693R02
20H101 20LCD35 20LCD3517 20LL290122 20LX200122
20MC4304 20LCD35199 20LL290125 20LX200125 20MC430417
20LJ26 20LL291125 20LX200131 20MC4304/17B 20LJ260121
20LW202222 20LX200132 20MC4304/TV 20LL200122 20LW202225
20LX27 20MC4304/VCR 20LL200125 20LW202231 20LX270322
20MC4306/TV 20LL200131 20LW202232 20LX290322 20MC4306/VCR
20LL200132 20LW202299 20LX290325 20MF200V/17 20LL26
20LW27 20LZ202221 20MF25137 20LL260121 20LW292222
20LZ202222 20MF251W 20LL26 (CAN) 20LW292225 20MC4204
20MF251W/3 20LL27 20LW293225 20MC4204/17 20MF251W/37
20MF50037 20MS334R71 20MT4405/17 20PF9925 20MF500T
20MS3442 20N102 20PF992517S 20MF605T/17 20MS3442 (17)
20P1-01 20PF992599 20MS2331 20MS3442/17B 20P60100AA
20PS35S1 20MS2331/17 20MT1331/17 20P60400AA 20PS35S301
20MS2331/17B 20MT1331/17B 20PF5120 20PS35S399 20MS233S
20MT133137R 20PF5120/28 20PS40C101 20MS233S99 20MT1336/3
20PF7835 20PS40C121 20MS334R 20MT133S 20PF7835/17
20PS40S 20MS334R01 20MT133S99 20PF8946 20PS40S1
20MS334R01/TV 20MT4405 20PF894637 20PS40S171 20MS334R37
20MT4405/1 20PF8946 (37B) 20PS40S301 20PS40S302 20PT5441/37
20PT633RB 20PT643R71 20PS40S399 20PT5441/37B 20PT6341
20PT643R99 20PS47S171 20PT563S85A 20PT6341/17 20PT643RB
20PS47S301 20PT6245 20PT6341/17B 20PT6441 20PS47S325
20PT6245/37 20PT6341/37 20PT6441/37 20PS47S399 20PT6245/37B
20PT6341/37B 20PT6441/37B 20PT30B1 20PT633R 20PT6341 (37X)
20PT6446/37 20PT30B122 20PT633R01 20PT643F35R 20PT653R
20PT3331/85R 20PT633R37 20PT643R 20PT653R37 20PT430585A
20PT633R71 20PT643R01 20PT653R99 20PT4330/85R 20PT633R85A
20PT643R17 20PT653RB 20PT4331/85R 20PT633R99 20PT643R37
20PT9007D/17 20PT91520 20S151B102 20X242 21PT643144R
20PT91S128 20S152 20X242C401 21PT643R85C 20PT91S628
20S240C 20X242C402 21PT643R99 20R101 20S240C1
2137DC 21PT839B85 20R200 20S240C101 21LL37
22AF677 20RF40S 20S240C122 21LL370121 22GA212H27
20RF40S325 20S242 21LL371121 22MD855T 20RF40S399
20S242C 21LW37 22MS405T 20RF50 20S242C401
21LW392221 22MS405T01 20RF50S325 20S242C402 21LW393221
22MS605 20RF50S399 20S250C101 21PT6331/44R 22MS605R
20S105 20T8 21PT633R85C 23FW9955/35 23FW9975/35
23PF8946 (37B) 24PT633R99 25C115 23HM8801 23PF8946A
24PT6341 25C2 23HM8821 23PF8946A/37 24RF50S
25C401AA 23MT2336 23PF9945 24RF50S1 25C401CC
23MT233617 23PF9945/37 24RF50S199 25C402 23MW9010/37
23PF9946/37 24ST2200 25C402AA 23MW9110 23PF9966
24ST2200 (27) 25C5 23MW9110/37 23PF996637 24ST2200 (27B)
25C510 23PF5320 24C01C1 2512C102 25C514
23PF53202 24PT633F/35R 25B502 25C515 23PF532028
24PT633R 25B503 25C521 23PF894637 24PT633R37
25B800 25C537 25C537DD 25E507 25LT421L17
25PS40S199 25C545 25F8007583 25N101 25PS40S321
25C549 25F8007853 25N102 25PS40S325 25C6
25G101 25P1 25PS40S399 25C8 25G102
25P101BB 25PS50S 25C807 25G1-03 25P102
25PS50S121 25C814AA 25G1AA 25P105 25PS50S199
25D501 25LL590121 25P6 25PS50S321 25E5
25LL591121 25P613 25PS50S399 25E50100AA 25LT220L
25PS40 25PS72 25E50300SS 25LT220L17 25PS40S121
25PS72C 25E504 25LT220P (17) 25PS40S125 25PS72C102
25PS73C1 25S102 25TR12C102 25TR19C 25PS73C101
25S104 25TR12C121 25TR19C121 25PS82 25ST220L17
25TR12C221 25TR19C125 25PT10C121 25T200 25TR15
25TR19C221 25PT15C121 25T200C1 25TR15C1 25TR19C225
25PT533S 25T200C101 25TR15C101 25TRC0101 25PT533S37C
25T290C 25TR15C102 25TRC10 25PT533S99 25T290C101
25TR15C107 25TRC1010 25PT633R85C 25T8 25TR15C12
25TRC10101 25PT6341/85 25T8007629 25TR15C121 25TRC1019
25PV5022 25TR12 25TR15C122 25TRC10199 25S101
25TR12C101 25TR19B121 25TS21C121 25TS51C121 25TS52C4
25TS56C221 25Y110008 25TS52 25TS52C408 25TS56C225
25Y110-00A 25TS52C1 25TS54 25TS56C299 25Z1
25TS52C102 25TS54C 25TS72C101 26B107 25TS52C126
25TS54C1 25TS73C101 26C11 25TS52C202 25TS54C101
25TSC6 26C601 25TS52C203 25TS54C107 25TSC601
26C608 25TS52C205 25TS54C121 25TSC60101 26C609
25TS52C3 25TS54C122 25V50600AA 26C611 25TS52C301
25TS56 25X6 26C612 25TS52C303 25TS56C
25X608 26C614 25TS52C321 25TS56C121 25Y110
26C618 26C8 26HF5544D/27 26LL590221 26MF337B/27
26C801 26HF5545D/27 26LW502221 26MF605W 26C802
26HF7544A/27 26LW502231 26MF605W/17 26C809 26HF7945D/27
26LW57 26PF5320/28 26C9 26HF7955H/27 26LW572221
26PF5321 26C902 26HW9100D37 26LW573221 26PF5321D
26C904 26LL500121 26LW592221 26PF7320A (3) 26FW5220
26LL500131 26MD255V/17 26PF7320A (37) 26FW522037 26LL57
26MD357B/37 26PF894637 26G101 26LL570121 26MD357B/TV
26PF9946/37 26HF5335D/27 26LL571121 26MF231D 26PF9966
26HF544328 26LL590121 26MF231D37 26PF9966137 26PF9966/37
27B50800AA 27C902 27DVCR55S 26PF9976M/37 27B51100AA
27C903 27DVCR55S/17 26PFL5302D/37 27B515 27C907
27DVCR55S/17/DV 26PFL5322/45 27B515000AA 27C909 27F800
26PFL5322D/37 27B51500AA 27C913 27FP74 26PW6341
27B700 27C916 27FP74B1 26PW634137 27B7007562
27DV60S121 27FP74B102 26PW8402 27C60 27DV60S125
27FP74B103 26PW8402 (37) 27C601 27DV60S199 27G1
27A50200AA 27C602 27DV693R 27G101 27A750
27C603 27DV693R37 27H101 27B50200AA 27C604
27DV693R37A 27H102 27H105 27HT7210D/27 27K251
27LT621L17C 27H324SB 27J231 27K251SB02 27M800
27H325 27J231SB 27K261 27MC4304 27H325SB01
27J231SB02 27K261SB02 27MC4304 (17) 27H327 27J233
27K261SB04 27MDTR10 27HT2000 27J233SB 27K269
27MDTR1099 27HT2000/27 27J233SB02 27K291SB05 27MDTR10S
27HT2000 (27B) 27J340 27K471SA02 27MDTR10S TV 27HT3000
27K221 27LT220L17 27MDTR2017 27HT300099 27K221SB02
27LT220L417 27MDTR2017/TV 27HT3000 (TV 27K221SB03 27LT621/17
27MDTR2017/VCR 27HT4000D27 27K241B101 27LT621L17 27MDTR20S
27MS3404 27MS5402 27MT6005D 27P340 27MS3404/17
27MS5402 (17) 27MT6005D/37 27P340C401 27MS3435 27MS6341/37
27MX1BA 27P340C602 27MS343F 27MT3305 27P0K221
27P341C 27MS343S 27MT330517 27P1 27P341C402
27MS343S/99 27MT3305/17B 27P101 27P341C403 27MS345S
27MT5005 27P102 27P341C4CR 27MS345S/17 27MT5005D
27P10200HH 27P350 27MS345S99 27MT5005D37 27P1-03
27P350C101 27MS4504 27MT5405/17 27P10400BB 27P500
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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