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POLAROID TV Repair Service

Our company specializes in repair of POLAROID television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view POLAROID televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for POLAROID televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of POLAROID televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

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POLAROID TV Repair Service

2000FF 370AF A520M ColorPacks 21P
390AF A700C Color Swinger EE22 2200FF 4641TLXB
A801 DHX1-1000A 240BV 5500FF Auto Focus
DHX202 250BV 6500AF Barbie Instant Cam Digital 320
252BV 7200FF Big Swinger DPA-07046 270SL
7200FF APS Clinchers DRM2001G 290SL 7300AF
Color Pack 100 DVC2000 3000AF 7300AF APS Color Pack 80
DVC2010 3200AF 8500Z Color Pack 82 DVP1000
3211TLXB A310 Color Pack II DVP-110M 3400AF
A515 Color Pack III DVP500 DVR-0800 FCM0700A
FLM201TM FLM3730TM DVR0900 FCM1000A FLM2632
FLM3732 EE100 FDM0700A FLM2632M FLM3732M
EE100 Special FDM0715 FLM2634B FLM3734B EE33
FDM1000A FLM3001 FLM373B EE44 FLM1507
FLM3201B FLM4034B EE55 FLM1512B FLM3230TM
FLM4230TM EE66 FLM1514B FLM3232 FLM4232HM
Electric Eye FLM153B FLM3232M FLM4234BH Electric Zip
FLM1911 FLM3234B FLM4243BH EZ1700 FLM1911B
FLM323B FLU3242SA EZ1800 FLM1911M FLM3701
FLX3202 Focus Free i631 J66 Minute Maker SE
Fun! 320 i633 LCD-1700 MM Plus Fun! 620
i634 LCD-1750 MM SE Fun! Flash 640 i733
LCD2000 PDC-1000 Fun! Flash 640 SE i739 LCD-2050
PDC1050 Fun! Flash 820 i834 M20 PDC-1100
FXM2611C Image 1200 Spectra M3000 PDC-1300 FXM3211C
Instant 10 Macro 5 PDC-1320 FXX321C Instant 20
Memory Maker PDC-2000 High Definition Instant 30 Minute Maker
PDC-2050 High Definition AF iZone Minute Maker Plus PDC-2070
i533P J33 Minute Maker Plus SE PDC-2150 PDC-2300Z
PDC-5070 PDM100A PDV0740 PDC-2350 PDC-5080
PDM1040 PDV-0740M PDC-300 PDC-640 PDM2727
PDV0744 PDC-3030 PDC-640 Plus PDV-0560M PDV-0744M
PDC-3035 PDC-700 PDV0700 PDV0750 PDC-3070
PDM-0711 PDV-0700K PDV-0750S PDC-3080 PDM0722
PDV-0700S PDV-0750SRF PDC-3150 PDM-0723 PDV0701
PDV-077PT PDC-330 PDM-0725 PDV-0701A PDV-0800
PDC-3350 PDM0743 PDV0707N PDV-0800S PDC-4055
PDM-0824 PDV0713 PDV-0800SRF PDC-4355 PDM0990DS
PDV-0713A PDV0801 PDV-0801A PDV-088PT PZ3000AFD
Swinger PDV0802 PDV-1002A PZ3300AFD Swinger EE
PDV-0802M PDV-1042M Reporters Swinger II PDV0813
PDV-523M2 Seablue Swinger Sentinel PDV-0813A PDX0758
SpyPen Zyra TBX-2000AF PDV0820 PLA4200M Square Shooter
TDB-3000AR PDV-0820S PLA4250A SS SE TDM1421
PDV-0820SRF PLA4260 Super Color TDX142 PDV-0820T
PZ1400 Super ColorPacks TLA01511C PDV0821T PZ1800
Super Shooters TTM1421C PDV0823 PZ2001 Super Swinger
TTM2003 PDV0823A PZ2180AF Super Swinger III TTM2004R
TTM2410 TTX-2000AR Webster x530 TTM2420
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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