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ZENITH TV Repair Service

Our company is factory authorized in repairing ZENITH TVs.

Our company specializes in repair of ZENITH television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view ZENITH televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for ZENITH televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of ZENITH televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

Official Web Site:
ZENITH TV Repair Service

ZENITH Models:
009-00777-01 1408786 181-93 1S4081 100-789
141 181-97 200 1010 14DC16
183 2000 110 15LA6R 184-97
200C 111 15LC1R 1911Y7 20LA6R
1110 15LC1RB 19EC45 20LC1RB 1172
15LC1RBMG 19GC38 20LC1RBMG 12170 15LW1R
19HC50 20LH1DC1 12270 1722W 19JC55Z
20LS7D 12423 17FC45 19JC60Z 20LS7DC
12436 17LX1R 19KC50 220A2ID 127700
181-92 19KC52 22LC2D 23DC14 23SC45
25GC45Z 26LX2D 23FC45 240 25GC50
26LX2R 23GC45 24343 260Z83R 27A30ZC
23HC45 24344 26LC2D 27CX22B 23KC45
24346 26LC2R 2946 23LC1RB 2500LE
26LC7D 295LM 23LC1RBMB 25DC56 26LC7DC
2S6000U 23LS7D 25DC58Z 26LC7D-UB 30FS4D
23LX1R 25EC58 26LH1DC1 30FZ4D 23LX1RV
25FC45 26LH1DC3 32FS4D 23LX1RVMC 25FL45
26LLC2D 32FS4D-UC 23LX2R 25GC45 26LX1D
32FZ4D-UA 32LC7DC 32LX3DC-UA 37LC2R 32LB4D
32LH1DC1 32LX4DC 37LC7D 32LB9D 32LP1D
37LG30 32LC2DC 32LP1D-UA 330 37LP1DAA
32LX1D 37LB1DA 386/16 32LC2R 32LX1DUA
37LB4D 386/20 32LC4D 32LX2D 37LB4DS
386/25 32LC5DC 32LX3DC 37LB5D 386/33
32LC5DCS 32LX3DCS 37LB5DF 3WJR52Z 4010
42LB1DRUA 42LG30 42PC5D 4011 42LB4D
42LP1D 42PC5DC 4015 42LB4DS 42LP1DAA
42PC5DUL 40150 42LB5D 42LP1D-UA 42PM1M
4015 / C1300 42LB5DF 42PB4D 42PM3MV 4020
42LB5RT 42PC1DA 42PX3DCV 4050 42LB9D
42PC1RV 42PX3DCVUC 4105 42LC2D 42PC3D
42PX4D 42LB1DA 42LC2R 42PC3DB 42PX5D
433 47LY3D 50PC1DR-UA 50PX5D 4400
4NE1 50PC3D 50PX5RH 4600 500EM
50PC3DUD 50PY2DR 46M84D 500LC 50PC5D
50PY3D 47LB1DA 505G 50PC5DUL 510
47LB1DRA 50M90W 50PM1M 51302B7 47LB4DF
50PB4D 50PX1D 51304B 47LB5D 50PB4DA
520 47LB5RE 50PC1DR 50PX4DR 52LB5D
52LB5DF 563LE 60PY3D 95H4400C 52LB9DF
5660 62SX4D 95H4P00A 52LY3D 566261
62SX4DUB 95H4P00C 52SX4D 566LM 63750
95HMP00C 52SX4DUB 56M91D 700S 969-52
5350 56M91W 715Z 9-754-5 5400
57LY3D 71PY1M A09P02X 5400 / V5225 5Y3538RK
7927 A-1227-248-A 5400 / VI 5225 60PB4D 885LE
A1310S 5450 60PC1D 891-85120454 A1310S1
55715590 60PY2DR 915FT PLUS A1310W 55LP1M
60PY2DR-UA 950-00716 A1310W1 A1316W A1908W5
A1924W A1992W5 A1316W1 A1908W6 A1924W1
A1992W60 A1316W2 A1920 A1924W5 A1996W
A1316W3 A1920W A1924W60 A1996W4 A1322PT
A1920W1 A1926W A19A02D A1324W A1920W2
A1926W4 A19A02D4 A1382W A1920W3 A1936P
A19A02D7 A1382W1 A1920W5 A1936P4 A19A02D74
A13P01D A1920W60 A1962W A19A02D8 A13P02D
A1922PT A1990W1 A19A02D84 A1908W A1922PT1
A1992W A19A02S A1908W1 A1922PT60 A1992W1
A19A11 A19A110 A20A22D4 A2514M A25A02D8
A19A11D A20A22D8 A2514PN A25A02S A19A11D4
A20A22D84 A2516P A25A118 A19A11D7 A2500W
A252A11D A25A11D A19A11D74 A2504NK A2582P
A25A11S A19A11D8 A2508A A2584P A25A12D
A19A11D84 A2508AP A2588NK A25A12S A19A21D
A2508P A25A02D A25A22BT A19P020 A2510PN
A25A02D4 A25A23W A19P02D A2511D A25A02D64
A25A23W8 A20A21D A2512K A25A02D7 A25A23W9
A20A22D A2512NK A25A02D74 A25A74R A25A76R
A27A23W A32B41D A36B41W A25B33W A27A24R
A32B41W A36B41W8 A25B33W7 A27A74R A32B41W4
A36B43W A25B33W8 A27A76R A32B41W7 A36B43W8
A2711D A27B32D A32B41W821 A36B86R A27A11D
A27B33D A32B43W A50M74D A27A11D84 A27B33W
A32B43W7 A50M84 A27A11S A27B41W A32B84R
A50M84D A27A12D A27B43W A32B86R A50M84W
A27A12S A27BE1W A3520 A50M84W1 A27A22BT
A32B33 A36B33 A50M84W5 A27A23D A32B41
A36B41D A50M84W9 A50M91 A56M91W9 ABV341
AL401BG3 A50M91D A60M91D ABV341/DVD AL401H
A50M91R A60M91R ABV341/VCR AL401H3 A50M91W
A60M91W ABV441 AL9B201 A50M91W1 A60M91W1
ABV441/VCR ALG1172 A50M91W5 A60M91W5 ABV511
ALG2010 A50M91W9 A60M91W9 ACQ052PK ALG2032
A56M91D A60M98W ACQ058PL ALG20A02GM A56M91R
A7110 ADR620 ALG20A02SM A56M91W A940
AL152W ALG20A04SM A56M91W1 A940-TWRA AL401
ALG20A11DM A56M91W5 AB32B43W AL401BG ALG20A11SM
ALG210 ALG29A22DM AS115M AX490 ALG21A06DM
ALG29A23DM Auto 650 AX5000 ALG21A21DM ALG4010
AV3000 AX8600 ALG21A22DM ALG4020 AX140
B09A02X ALG26A02GM ALGB201 AX145 B09A02Y
ALG26A02SM ALGB401 AX245 B1310W ALG26A11DM
ALGB402 AX275 B1310W2 ALG26A11SM ALGC201
AX-355 B1310WC ALG26A22SM ALGC401 AX380
B1322S ALG26A23DM ALINE AX390 B1324W
ALG29A11GM AN110B-JD AX4270 B1333W3 ALG29A12SM
AN110W-JD AX-4750 B1382W B1382W5 B1908W2
B19A02D B2504G B1382WC B1908WB B19A02S
B2504GC B1382WC5 B1908WC B19A20D B2508P
B13A01L B1920W B19A21D B2508PC B13A01L-01
B1920WC B19A21P01 B2510N B13A02D B1924W
B19A23DC B2510NC B13A02D-01 B1926W B19Z02D
B2512G B13A03D B1992W B2026S B2512G1
B13A03D-01 B1992W5 B24A2AZ B2512K B13A04G
B1992WC B2500 B2512K1 B13A05P B1992WC5
B2500W B2514M B1908C B1996W B2500WC
B2514M1 B2514N B25A102 B25A24Z B25AO2Z
B2514N1 B25A10Z B25A24Z6 B2712G B2516P
B25A10Z6 B25A24Z8 B2716P B2516P1 B25A10Z8
B25A24ZF B27A10Z B2522K B25A10ZC B25A30B
B27A10Z5 B2523G6 B25A10ZC6 B25A30Z B27A10Z6
B2584P B25A10ZCF B25A30ZC B27A10ZC B2584P1
B25A11D B25A30ZCF B27A10ZC5 B25A0278 B25A11Z
B25A74LK B27A10ZC6 B25A02D B25A11Z6 B25A74R
B27A10ZCF B25A02Z B25A11ZF B25A76R B27A117
B25A10 B25A23W B25A76R5 B27A117Z B27A11Z
B27A24ZF5 B27A74R B32A24ZF B27A11Z5 B27A30Z
B27A74R5 B32A30Z B27A11Z6 B27A30ZC B27A74Z
B32A30Z6 B27A11Z65 B27A30ZC5 B27A76R B32A30ZF
B27A11ZC B27A30ZC6 B27A76R5 B32A34Z B27A11ZC5
B27A30ZC65 B27A76Z B32A34Z6 B27A13Z B27A30ZCF
B27B40Z B32A34ZF B27A24Z B27A30ZCF5 B27Z11Z
B32B84R B27A24Z5 B27A34Z B27Z30ZC B32B86R
B27A24Z6 B27A34Z6 B27Z76R B36A24Z B27A24Z65
B27A34ZF B32A24Z B36A24Z6 B27A24ZF B27A40Z
B32A24Z6 B36A24ZF B36A30Z B3936W B5556GC
BH100 B36A30Z6 B3952W B5562G BH200
B36A30ZF B50M88 B5562GC Black Cherry Chocolate VX8550 B36A34Z
B50M88W B55B60 Blue Mint Chocolate VX8550 B36A34Z0 B50M88WA
B60M88W BM6175 B36A34Z6 B50M90W B60M88WA
BP6000ER B36A34ZF B5548G B935 BT044S
B36B24W B5548GC BCR458 BT051B2 B36B86R
B5552G BG5200ER BT052S B3932MC B5552GC
BG8000ER BT055S B3932W B5556 BG8000ER/KG8000R
BT120A B3932WC B5556G BG8000ERY4 BT120Y
BT121 C0920D C1300 C13A05LG BT121LF
C0920D2 C1300/G4015 C13A05LP BT121W1 C0920K
C1308S C13A14LB BT121W2 C0920K2 C1312W
C1400 BT193 C0920U C1382W C1500
BT193W C0920U2 C13A02D C172WT BT194W
C0920X C13A03D C1908W Bull SXL C092V
C13A04CG C1908W4 BX220 C0930 C13A04LB
C1910B C0920 C093052 C13A04LG C1912W
C0920A C0930S C13A04LP C1912W1 C0920A2
C0930S2 C13A05LB C1920W C1920W1 C2000
C25A30T C27F33 C1992W C2020H C2760KC
C27F43 C1992W1 C2500W C2764CT C27H26B
C19A02B C2502G C27A24T C27V22 C19A02D
C2504HP C27A25 C27V28 C19A02D8 C2504P
C27A25T6 C27V36 C19A02DF C2506N C27A30T
C27V46 C19A02DF8 C2560KC C27C35 C30W46
C19A21D C2562PE C27C35T C30W47 C19A21D8
C2564CT C27C35TF C32A24T C19A21DF C2568W
C27C41T C32A26 C19A21DF8 C25A24T C27C41TF
C32A26T6 C32A30T C32V23-82 C36A26T6 C3918W
C32A38 C32V28 C36A26T68 C3930W C32C35T
C32V36 C36A30T C3960 C32C35TF C32V37
C36C35T C3960S C32C41T C32V46 C36C35T8
C3972H C32C41TF C3338W C36C35TF C3972W
C32C84R C34W23 C36C41T C4030W C32C86R
C34W23-2 C36C41T8 C472W C32F33 C34W37
C36C86R C4789 C32F43 C36A24T C36V22
C5522G C32V22 C36A26 C36V23 C5524G
C32V23 C36A26-8 C36V28 C5532G C5534G
CB25A25Z6 CC2525 CCM2553S C5556 CB27A10Z
CC2525VK CCR2549S C5556G CB27A10ZC CC2562S2
CCR2549S1 C5562 CB27A25Z CC2566 CCR2552S
C5562G CC1326 CC2566S CCR2552S1 C5572
CC1326W CC2566S2 CD260CM C5572G CC1326W1
CC2566S7 CE110 C5586G CC2064 CC2766
CE1920 C6730X CC2064W CC2766S CE2795W
C6788DE CC2505 CC2766S2 CE500 C9030S2
CC2505EW CC2766SR5 CG180 CB25A25Z CC2505EW2
CCM2549S CG225 CG300 CMJ2065S5 CMJ2565S5
CMJ2795RK CH23KC45 CMJ2502VK CMJ2593Y CMJ3275S
Cherry Chocolate VX8500 CMJ2502VK5 CMJ2722H5 CMJ3541RK CHOC 2
CMJ2504TR CMJ2724N CMK2065S5 Chocolate CMJ2504TR5
CMJ2724N5 CMK2565S5 Chocolate VX8500 CMJ2524H CMJ2726TR5
CML1323S Chocolate VX8550 CMJ2524H5 CMJ2733H CML1931S
CM138B2A CMJ2526TR CMJ2743RK CML2067S CM148GX
CMJ2526TR5 CMJ2745TR CML2500TR CMJ2063S CMJ2528H
CMJ2765W5 CML2502HK CMJ2063S5 CMJ2528H5 CMJ2771S
CML2506EW CMJ2065S CMJ2563S5 CMJ2775S CML2506TR
CML2518HK CML5257RK CMM2739EW CMM5269BT5 CML2549S
CML5267RK CMM2739EW6 CO902 CML2567S CMM2506EW
CMM2767S CPD600 CML2593Y CMM2506EW6 CMM2787S
CU320 CML2724N CMM2506TR CMM3271S CU400
CML2726TR CMM2553S CMM3287S CU500 CML2737RK
CMM2724N CMM3587S CU500v CML2767S CMM2724N6
CMM4663RK CU515 CML2773S CMM2733HK CMM4663RK5
CU575 CML3285S CMM2733HK6 CMM5269BT CV2560
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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