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TOSHIBA TV Repair Service

Our company specializes in repair of TOSHIBA television of all types: DLP and CRT projection, plasma, LCD and direct view TOSHIBA televisions.

Thanks to our suppliers we are able to find any original parts for TOSHIBA televisions. We have access to a complete library of service manuals for any model. Most importantly all of our technicians are fully qualified and have many years of experience in the repair of TOSHIBA televisions.

What you need to know about us:
  • All work is guarantied
  • Most repairs are completed on the spot, without the TV leaving your house!
  • If problem cannot be fixed in-house, the TV is taken to our base, repaired, delivered, and installed.

Official Web Site:
TOSHIBA TV Repair Service

00 13a22 14AF42 14DL74M 022412
13A23 14AF43 14DLV75 105CS-DISP 13A23W
14AF44 14DVL75 110CS 13A24 14AF45
14VL43U 1115-S103 13A25 14AF45C 1555CDS-DISP
1130-S155 13A25C 14AF46 1555CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 1555C 1135s155
13A26 14AF46C 158X6Y 1351 13A26C
14AR21 159X4M 137E3N 1415-S173 14AR22
159X4MS 13A20 147E3N 14AR23 159X4Y
13A21 14AF41 14AS20 15DL15 13A21C
14AF41C 14DL74 15DL72 15DL75 1735
199R4N 19HLV87 15DLV16 1755 199X4M
19LV505 15DLV16/DVD 17HLV85 199X4Y 19LV506
15DLV16/TV 1800-5203 19A10 2000 15DLV76
1805 19A20 2001 15DLV76/DVD 1805-5203
19A21 2002 15DLV77 1805-S274 19A24
2034016 160HD4 1805S-504 19A25 2050RE
1675CDS/6 1905S277 19A25C 2057DEL 1715CDS
1905-S301 19A26 205CDS-DISP 1715XCDS 1955-s801
19A26C 205CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 205CDS 1715XCDS-DISP 1955-S805 19A30
205Q5M 205X3MT 20A42 20AF46 20AS22
2060RE 20A43 20AF46C 20AS23 2065CDS-DISP
20A44 20AR20 20AS24 2065CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 2065C 20A45C
20AR21 20AS25 2065XR 20A46C 20AR22
20AS26 206T4Y 20AF41 20AR23 20AS30
207R9N 20AF41C 20AR30 20D60 207X3MT
20AF42 20AR31 20D75S 20A20(20AS20) 20AF43
20AR32 20DF47 20A22 20AF44 20AR33
20DL74 20a23 20AF45 20AS20 20DL75
20A30(20AS30) 20AF45C 20AS21 20G60 20HL67
20HLV86/DVD 219X3M 23HLV86/TV 20HL85 20HLV86/TV
219X5M 23HLV87 20HL86 20TF22F 219X6M
2405-S201 20HLK67 20VL14 2250XCDS 2415-S205
20HLK86 20VL43U 22LV505 2430-S255 20HLV15
2104XH 23A41 24395 20HLV16/DVD 2105CDS-DISP
23HL84 2455-s305 20HLV16S/TV 2105CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 2545C 23HL85
24AF41 20HLV16/TV 2150CDS 23HLV84 24AF41C
20HLV85 218X6M 23HLV85 24AF42 20HLV85/TV
218X8MJ 23HLV86 24AF43 20HLV86 219V5M
23HLV86/DVD 24AF44 24AF45 2545XCDT/4 2615DVD-DISP - SATELLITE 2615D
26HF85 24AF45C 2545XCDT-DISP 2655R 26HF85C
24AF46 2545XCDT-DISP - SATELLITE 2545 2675DVD/6 26HL37 2500XM
258X9S 26AF45C 26HL47 2505CDS-DISP 2595CDS-DISP
26AV500U 26HL57 2505CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 2505C 2595CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 2595C 26DF56
26HL66 2515CDS-DISP 2595CDT-DISP 26HF14 26HL67
26HF84 26HL84 2545CDS-DISP 259X7M 26HF84/5
26HL86 2545CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 2545C 2615DVD-DISP 26HF84A 26HLC56
26HLV66 2715XDVD-DISP 27A43 27AF42 26HLV66/DVD
2715XDVD-DISP - SATELLITE 2715 27A43C 27AF43 26LV47 27A10
27A44 27AF44 26LV67 27A14 27A45
27AF45 26WL46A 27A30 27A45C 27AF45C
26WL46B 27A32 27A46C 27AF46C 26WL46C
27A34 27A50 27AF53 26WL46E 27A35C
27A51 27AF61 26WL46G 27A40 27A53
27AF62 26WL46R 27A41 27A60 27AFX54
26WL46T 27A41C 27A62 27AFX55 2715XDVD/6
27A42 27AF41 27AFX56 27AX61 2806XH
29AS30 30DF56 27AX61C 288X6M 29AS41
30H83 27D46 289X4M 29AS42 30H84
27D47 289X4MX 29CF27E30 30HF66 27DF46
289X4Y 2D-2800 30HF83 27DF47 289X6M
2SD1427 30HF83C 27HL85 289X6Y 3005-S303
30HF84 27HL95 289X8M 300ct 30HF85
27HLV95 28DW4UC 3015CT-DISP 30HF85C 27RS50
2909XH 3015CT-DISP - PORTEGE 3015CT 30HF86C 2805S201-DISP 2918TL
30HFX85 310CDS/2 32A33 32A62 32AF60
315CDS/2 32A35 32AF13 32AF61 3200
32A35C 32AF14 32AF62 329X7M 32A36C
32AF41 32AFX54 32A10 32A40 32AF42
32AFX60 32A12 32A41 32AF43 32AFX61
32A12A 32A42 32AF44 32AFX62 32A13
32A42A 32AF45 32AFX63 32A14 32A43
32AF45C 32AX60 32A15 32A50 32AF45K
32D46 32A30 32A60 32AF46C 32D47
32A32 32A61 32AF53 32DF46 32HF72
32HL67U 32HLX84 32WL46G 32HF73 32HL67US
32HLX95 32WL46R 32HFX71 32HL83 32LV17
32WL46T 32HFX72 32HL83P 32LV17U 3409XH
32HFX73 32HL84 32LV37 34AS40 32HL17
32HL85 32LV37U 34AS41 32HL17U 32HL86
32LV67 34AS42 32HL37 32HL95 32LV67U
34H83 32HL37U 32HLC56 32WL46A 34HD82
32HL57 32HLV16 32WL46B 34HDX82 32HL66
32HLV66 32WL46C 34HF81 32HL67 32HLV66/DVD
32WL46E 34HF81C 34HF83 35AFX54 36A60
36AFX61 34HF84 35ux70ba 36A61 36AFX62
34HF85 3630A 36AF12 36AFX63 34HF85C
36A10 36AF41 36AX60 34HFX83 36A11
36AF42 36AX61 34HFX84 36A12 36AF43
36HF12 34HFX85 36A13 36AF44 36HF13
34HX83 36A40 36AF53 36HF70 34V61
36A41 36AF60 36HF71 351SX 36A42
36AF61 36HF72 35A44 36A43 36AF62
36HF73 35AF44 36A50 36AFX60 36HFX70
36HFX71 37HLC56 4020CDT 42H83 36HFX72
37HLV66 40H80 42HDX52 36HFX73 37HLX95
40RF350U 42HDX82 36UF500 37LX96 410/415CS
42HL117 37HL17 3D-CAM 410CDT 42HL167
37HL57 4000CDS/4 415CS-DISP 42HL17 37HL66
4005CDS/4 415CS-DISP - SATELLITE PRO 415 42HL196 37HL67 4005CDS-DISP
41DVL75 42HL57 37HL67S 4005CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 4005C 4270
42HL67 37HL67US 400MHZ/512KB 42DPC85 42HL67U
37HL86 4015CDS-DISP 42H81 42HL67US 37HL95
4015CDS-DISP - SATELLITE 4015C 42H82 42HM66 42HP16 42WP16
43A62 43HX71 42HP66 42WP16A 43AX10
43TP60H 42HP82 42WP16B 43AX60 4400
42HP83 42WP16C 43AX60A 44HM85 42HP83P
42WP16E 43F300 44NHM8 42HP84 42WP16H
43H70 44NHM84 42HP95 42WP16R 43H71
4500 42HPX84 435CDS-DISP 43h71, 53h71, 61h71 46H14
42HPX95 435CDS-DISP - SATELLITE PRO 43 43H72 46H83 42LX177
43A10 43H80 46H84 42LX196 43A10R
43H83 46H84C 42LZ196 43A61 43HX70
46H94 46HM15 46LX177 50A11 50H71
46HM84 46RF350U 50A50 50H72 46HM94
46RV530U 50A50R 50H81 46HM94P 47HL167
50A51 50H82 46HM95 47LZ196 50A60
50HDX82 46HMX 486DX250 50A61 50HM66
46HMX84 48D70 50A62 50HM67 46HMX85
5005-5204 50AX60 50HMX96 46HMX94 5005-5504
50AX60A 50HP16 46HX83 5005-S5004 50DX82
50HP66 46HX84 5005-S504 50H12 50HP81
46HX94 50A10 50H13 50HP82 50HP86
50XP26H 51H94 52HMX85 50HP95 50XP26K
51HC85 52HMX94 50HPX95 50XP26R 51HX83
52HMX95 50HX70 510 51HX84 52LX177
50HX81 5105 SERIES 51HX93 53AX61 50TP50G
51H14 51HX94 53AX62 50UX19K 51H81
52HL167 53H71 50WP16A 51H83 52HM84
53HX71 50WP16C 51H84 52HM85 5-504
50WP16EA 51H84C 52HM94 55A10 50WP16H
51H85C 52HM95 55A10A 50WP16R 51H93
52HMX84 55A60 55A60A 57H81 57HLX82
61A60R 55A60R 57H82 57HM167 61A61
55H70 57H83 57HX41 61A62 55HX70
57H84 57HX71 61H70 55PP9352 57H84C
57HX81 61H71 56H80 57H84R 57HX83
61HX70 56HM16 57H85C 57HX84 62HM116
56HM195 57H93 57HX93 62HM14 56HM66
57H94 57HX94 62HM15 56HMX96 57HC85
57LX177 62HM15A 56MX195 57HD93 61A60
62HM15B 57H12 57HDX82 61A60A 62HM195
62HM196 65H80 65HLX83 7200 62HM84
65H81 65HM117 72HM195 62HM85 65H82
65HM167 72HM196 62HM94 65H83 65HX81
72MX195 62HM95 65H84 65HX83 72MX196
62HMX84 65H84C 65HX93 8128A 62HMX85
65H85C 65HX94 8MG-1 62HMX94 65H93
65NH84 9003BK 62HMX95 65H94 700CS
9K532A 62MX195 65HC15 70CT/1 9K627A
62MX196 65HC85 7130 A105S1014 65H14
65HDX82 7160 A105-S2001 A105-S2071 Satellite A135-S2276
A205-S4567 A20-S259 A105S2141 Satellite A135-S4427 A205-S4607
A20-S2591 A105-S2236 Satellite A135-S4467 A205S4617 A20 SERIES
A105-S4004 A135-S4487 A205S4629 A215-S5818 A105-S4021
A135S4677 A205-S4777 A215-S5824 A105S4084 A135-S7404
A205S4797 A215-S6816 A105S4114 A15S127 A205-S5800
A215S7422 A105-S4397 A15S128 A205-S5804 A215-S7427
A105-S4547 A15-S129 A205-S6808 A215S7433 A10S127
A15-S157 A205S7443 A215S7444 A10S1291 A15-S158
A20-S207 A25-AS307 A10-S177 A205S4537 A20-S208
A25-S207 A25-S307 A8-S8514 AW100 BD 1550
A25-S3072 AD8025 AW1000A BD 1560 A25 SERIES
AD8030 AX8 BD 1650 a35-s159 AFC161W
AX8 MKII BD 1710 A45-S120 AH1950 AX Models
BD 2050 A45-S150 AH350 AZ8 BD 2060
A45-S250 AI-33AFK AZ8MKII BD 2230 a45 series
AI-420P BD 1310 BD 2310 A55-S326 Allegretto 5300
BD 1340 BD 2500 A65-S1065 AllegrettoM700 BD 1350
BD 2510 A70-S256 A Models BD 1360 BD 2532
A8-S8513 AV650 BD 1370 BD 2540 BD 2550
BD 3701 BD 4570 BD 5620 BD 2860 BD 3810
BD 4810 BD 5910 BD 2870 BD 3850 BD 4910
BD 6550 BD 3110 BD 3910 BD 5010 BD 6560
BD 3210 BD 4010 BD 5020 BD 7110 BD 3220
BD 4111 BD 5100 BD 7501 BD 3240 BD 4121
BD 5110 BD 7511 BD 3503 BD 4501 BD 51111
BD 7550 BD 3550 BD 4511 BD 5112 BD 7560
BD 3560 BD 4515 BD 5540 BD 7610 BD 3570
BD 4550 BD 5560 BD 7720 BD 3580 BD 4560
BD 5610 BD 7910 BD 8101 C059 C1404M
C2034M BD 8102 C094 C1414M C2045M
BD 8510 C095 C1904M C2047QB BD 8511
C095Z C1905 C2057Q BD 9100 C097
C1905M C2057QB BD 9110 C098 C1914M
C26470 BD 9230 C099 C1915M C2647Q
BD 9240 C1090 C1924M C2647QB BT150S
C1304M C2009N C2647QBP BUR210 C1305M
C2010M C2647QBV BY634051 Sub C1314M C2014M
C2647QVB C0094 C1315M C2018 C3054J
C321 C389 C67HTW C945 C335
C393 c727g50 C960 C345 C395
C771 C961 C351 C398 C771T
C962 C355 C399 C842 C963
C3610 C551 C924 C967 C361U
C551T C927W C969 C379 C551U
C933BM C970 C383 C67HTF C942
C971 C385 C67HTS C944 C972
We serve the following areas in New York:
Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx

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